Strategic Partners

Strategic Personal and Business Planning Partners

For your personal financial planning, wealth strategies, and planning for business owners connect with our partners at Sagium.

Sagium is an expert team of Calgary-based wealth and risk management professionals who help high net worth families and business owners prudently grow, manage and preserve their wealth.

We act as your personal guide to facilitate your team of trusted advisors work through complex issues to make wise decisions.

Sagium will simplify your life and ensure you enjoy your wealth for years to come by:

  • Providing clarity and confidence around your financial planning journey
  • Applying the science of solutions and implementation to help you achieve your money goals and properly mitigate risk
  • Creating the right partnerships to provide you with the best, fully integrated experience imaginable
  • Giving you peace of mind around your finances

Our Mission

We help our clients grow, manage and preserve their wealth. With guidance and due diligence on the part of our Team we define a strategy for all aspects of financial planning. Our clients are successful family and community oriented people with a passion for what they do. In helping mitigate risk throughout the process we help create peace of mind so that our clients can truly enjoy their wealth.


Strategic Travel partners

Helping you choose the plan that’s right for you


From lost luggage to health emergencies, TuGo specializes in assisting with travel emergencies



For travel outside your home province or Canada choose:

  • an Emergency Medical Plan that provides coverage for an unexpected medical emergency during your trip; or
  • the Travel Canada Plan that provides emergency medical benefits at half the premium when all your travel is within Canada; or
  • an All-Inclusive Plan if your plans include pre-paid travel arrangements. Includes Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay, and Flight and Travel Accident. Or you can purchase the Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance separately



Flexible evacuation services that allow you to receive transportation to a health care provider of your choice regardless of where you are in the world – Take trips, not chances


Strategic Collaboration Partners


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