COVID-19 Response

Easter Update

Posted on: April 10th, 2020

As events and programs evolve to support employees in response to COVID-19, Sagium Health Strategies continues to monitor and be available to serve our clients. We have summarized some of the most recent major announcements from insurance providers; be mindful that policies are changing and expanding weekly. It is important to understand your benefit plan and the options available to your business and your employees to best fit the current needs of your situation.

Layoff Provisions

  • In the event your business cannot continue operations, some carriers are extending coverage to employees during layoff periods (even outside of their normal contractual limitations), this can include allowing the extension of Short and Long Term Disability for three months.

Premium Payments

  • Payment of your Insurance Premiums may be deferred past the 31 day grace period to potentially 60 days or even 90 days without claims suspension.

Dental Benefits

  • As dentists are only providing essential emergency services at this time, your dental premiums could be suspended (no-coverage or premiums) from 60 – 120 days and resumed when dental services return.

Your benefit program may have an Employee & Family Assistance Plan, to provide your employees with programs and assistance for handling all the changes occurring. Our office has relied on our Employee & Family Assistance Plan to support our employees, with everything from work-from-home tips to handling feelings of isolation. Each carrier has different policies that they are adapting as COVID-19 changes the business landscape. Reaching out to your broker will help you understand your options to supporting your business and employees in these uncertain times.
Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter weekend.

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