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Are you sure your government plan takes care of everything you need when you become critically ill? You’d be surprised to see what kind of costs you didn’t plan for if this event occurs.

Sagium Health Strategies Corp. is pleased to provide you with the opportunity to protect yourself and your family against financial hardship that can occur following the diagnosis of a critical illness.

Critical Illness Insurance offered through Sagium Corp. can help!

Critical Illness Insurance provides a tax free lump sum payout following the diagnosis of one of the listed 23 covered conditions to be used any way you wish. Consider

  • not having to go back to work before you’re medically ready,
  • not having to worry about unpaid credit cards or other financial obligations so you can focus on recovering,
  • having the finances to cover additional expenses that a critical illness diagnosis brings, or
  • being able to afford the best and most timely medical treatment options available.

You can get up to $25,000 without medical evidence2 regardless of health history.

Financial assistance that allows you to focus on the important things during a recovery time – like getting better.

There are two kinds of events in life. Those we plan, and those we don’t.

Insurance is a plan for those events we don’t expect.

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The work world is evolving. At Sagium Health we are transforming health coverage to meet your changing needs. Provincial government health plans do not fully cover the costs of many health care services, leaving you vulnerable. GSC’s supplemental health and dental plans can fill those gaps and provide you with the protection you need. Take a look:

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